Decorative Hardwood Plywood Offers Versatile Benefits

If you're in the market for replacing interior cabinetry, flooring, kitchen countertops or other woodworking projects, look no further than hardwood plywood. It's the new "it" wood for the home. Made from reclaimed or recycled hardwood, plywood has the strength, dimensional stability and aesthetic beauty of hardwood without the high cost and installation problems of hardwoods. It's especially ideal for use on floors, wall and siding applications and in custom moldings and furniture.

Unlike other forms of Baird hardwood plywood, the layers are not simply stacked one over the other. Rather, each layer is milled and sanded to a consistent depth and thickness to deliver consistent results with every cut. To produce hardwood plywood, the wood is first brought to its exact thickness and grade. The grains of the wood are then carefully graded to create consistent width, length and size of individual boards.

Because of its unique construction and superior strength, hardwood plywood is used for cabinet and end uses including flooring, furniture legs, shelf liners, platform-top components, platform shelves, platform sub-flooring and tropical plywood veneers. Mahogany is widely regarded as the country's finest hardwood, used in building craftsmen's homes and commercial buildings for centuries. Even in the construction of tropical wood furniture, the mahogany grain is notable, with dark brown or black streaks and knotty patterns that add personality to the pieces. Dark stains and finishes have been popular for years in the mahogany craftsmanship, which is why many manufacturers choose this wood for crafting modern furniture. With its distinctive grain, this dark hardwood excels as a prime choice for flooring and furniture pieces. Visit this website at for more info about flooring.

This Baird wood's strength lies primarily in the core plywood, which has a double-coated core which resists moisture and wears resistant to pests and fungi. In addition to the core plywood, this hardwood plywood can be stained to achieve the grain pattern of your choice. The exterior is finished with a clear, polyurethane coating that protects the wood from moisture and dust. This coating also makes it easier to clean, as well as provide UV protection for the panels during storage and shipment. The clear coating also allows light to penetrate the panel, which can further enhance its visual appeal and durability.

Hardwood plywood paneling is ideal for use with veneers, as these layers will be bonded to the wood, giving you a wood veneer that is virtually impossible to see through. These hardwood veneers come in various colors and designs, with natural wood grain as the main feature. To enhance the look of natural wood, however, it's important to apply a clear protective layer over the veneers to help them stick to the surface of the wood. This helps keep dirt and water away from the wood during shipment and storage, and can even help prevent cracking caused by moisture in the air.

Hardwood manufactured paneling is also perfect for use in applications where the beauty of the product is more important than its strength. For example, because it is so lightweight, decorative hardwood plywood offers the perfect substitute for heavy solid wood doors and windows. This means it can easily be used as an alternative to heavy-duty plywood in home improvement projects and custom furniture. Also, due to its light weight, it can easily be used to install shelves, cabinets, and other pieces of cabinetry.

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